Alaska Fishing Safety Tips

Alaska Fishing Safety Tips

When you’re heading out for your Alaska fishing trip, there is a lot to prepare for. You need to find the right location, get the right rods and lures, and find a place to rest after a long day of fishing. But throughout all of your planning, it’s important not to forget about your safety. Below are some of the top safety tips to keep in mind as you’re planning your Alaska fishing trip.

Wear protective gear

Fishing isn’t a dangerous activity, but accidents can happen if you’re not careful. Many fishers are taken to the hospital because they were punctured by their own hook or another’s. To prevent this, wear protective gear such as eye protection, a heavy coat, and boots.

Layer up

In addition to your protective gear, you should also wear multiple layers to keep yourself warm. Even in the summer months, the wind off of the Alaskan coast can chill the skin. Plus, multiple layers can protect you from the water. The top layer (including your boots) should be waterproof, while the layers underneath should be long but thin. Doing so will provide you with enough protection to keep you warm and dry throughout your trip.

Bring safety equipment

Nature can be unpredictable. As such, you need to be prepared for every situation that might occur. You can accomplish this by bringing various items with you for your fishing trip. Here is a quick list:

  • Food and water (stored in a separate cooler)
  • Flashlights
  • Maps
  • Radio
  • Cellphone
  • Weather forecaster
  • Life jacket (if you’re fishing on a boat)
  • Bug spray

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