Alaska Salmon Fishing

caught salmonWithin two minutes to thirty minutes from Alaska’s Green Rocks Fishing Lodge, you can get King Salmon, Red Salmon, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, and Silver Salmon. While salmon fishing in our waters you can bag 2 Kings over 28 inches!

Run Dates:

When are the salmon running in our part of Alaska?

King Salmon (Chinook) Running May 20 through July 31
Red Salmon  (Sockeye) Running June 15 through August 20
Chum Salmon (Dog) Running June 15 through August 31
Pink Salmon (Humpies) Running July 20 through September 15
Silver Salmon (Coho) Running July 20 through September 30

Alaska Salmon Run Dates - Green Rocks Lodge

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Great Alaska Salmon Fishing at a Great Price!  Green Rocks Lodge is an Alaska salmon fishing lodge and the best place to go if you are looking to plan a fishing trip in Alaska. Visit our Petersburg, AK salmon fishing lodge today!