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Had a great time catching fish

Had a great time catching fish. The food was great and the staff is one of the hardest working groups I have seen.

Blake George

Thanks to Tim, Jason and the whole team for a great trip last week. A truly amazing and unforgettable experience. We will definitely be back!

Denny Alexander

We just got back from Green Rocks and man did we have a great time!

We just got back from Green Rocks and man did we have a great time! The DIY aspect of this drew us in as trying something we had never done was our goal! I’m happy to say our trip was well worth the money and the accommodations were to our liking! (Not overly fancy and just enough to be comfortable) We upgraded to a covered boat and man was it worth every penny! Our electronics were dialed In and the staff were just like a group of our own buddies! This is the place to go if you want to get away from it all and test your skills as an angler! The camp life was full of laughs and we made memories that will last a lifetime! We can’t wait to go back and share this hidden gem with more friends! 2021 can’t come fast enough! If you are looking for for a killer deal here it is! I might have found my new favorite place!

Eric Bakken

Worth every penny!

Worth every penny! It was my wife and I’s first fishing trip to Alaska and we had a blast. The accommodations were clean and nice, the staff was excellent, and the fishing was good! I like the fact you get your own boat and can fish where you like. They show you spots, supply you with gear (bring your own is you don’t like middle of the road stuff), give you all the bait you ask for, and are there and waiting when you return. More than enough food is there to keep you fueled up and ready. All I can say is, we are chomping at the bit to get back!

Mike Whitman

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