What are the bag limits?
King salmon 2 over 28 inches and 2 under 28 inches per day. Silver salmon, pink salmon, chum Salmon and sockeye salmon 6 per day. Halibut 2 per day any size.

What activities are there to do other than fishing & hunting ?
Hiking, clam digging, beach combing, whale watching, float plane tours, photography, sightseeing.

When is the best time to go fishing in Alaska?

Can I take the fish I catch home?
We vacuum seal and pack your fish in wax fish boxes to take your fish home with you on the plane.

Do I need an Alaska fishing license?

Do I need a hunting license?

Are there guided hunt options available?

How do I get there? Is transportation included?

How much walking is involved in the hunt?
Very little walking is involved in the black bear hunt

Should I bring binoculars?

What kind of shape do I need to be in?
You need to be mobile and in average shape

Do you guarantee that I will ?
I guarantee opportunity.

What kind of gun / caliber should I bring?
30-06 or larger

How much ammo should I bring?
2 boxes of ammunition in case you’re rifle is off when you arrive at the lodge.