3 Recipes Using What You Caught At Green Rocks Lodge

Whether you’re going on your self-guided tour for salmon, bear, or of our other options, you will have quite a haul! Since we’re self-guided, the cleaning and butchering are on you and your group. However, we will vacuum seal and freeze whatever you give us- meaning you don’t need to eat what you hunt immediately! As you… Read more »

What Can I Expect On A Self-Guided Fishing Trip To Alaska?

Whether you’re thinking of booking a self-guided trip or are part of a group going on one, you may wonder: what can I expect? Self-guided tours are different because they are just that: self-guided. Now, don’t panic! This doesn’t mean we just throw you into the wild or that you need to travel with all… Read more »

What Species Of Salmon Are In Alaska, And When Is The Best Time To Fish Them?

There are many different species of salmon, each with a unique taste, size, and temperament. At Green Rocks Lodge, our waters are home to five distinct salmon species. They all peak at different times, so below is each of the species that you may catch on your trip, their peak times, and their flavor profiles!… Read more »

Eating Good Back Home With Your Alaskan Catch

Upon returning home from your Green Rocks Lodge stay you are bound to be blessed with some fish fillets from your catch. The lodge staff will have professionally cleaned the fish. The fillets will be packaged in high strength, commercial quality vacuum sealed plastic. The lodge will provide and pack your fish in airline approved… Read more »

Travel Strategies for Simplified Travel To & From Green Rocks Lodge In Southeast Alaska?

Lots of people venture to Green Rocks Lodge near Petersburg, AK for some fishing fun in the Last Frontier. Getting you, your family and/or friends there with your luggage and then returning home with that wonderful catch can be challenging. I’ve done this successfully over the past 10 years and have settled into some strategies… Read more »

What to Wear for Your Alaska Fishing Trip

As you’re preparing for your Alaska fishing trip, one of the first things on your mind will be what you need to wear. The weather during the Alaska fishing season can vary. Not only that, but you’ll need clothes that are comfortable and durable for a day out on the waters. Here are some things… Read more »