The Different Types of Alaska Salmon

No place in the country has salmon fishing quite like Alaska. With pristine waters and plenty of coastlines, it’s the perfect place for anglers to try their luck with salmon fishing. So prolific are salmon around these parts that there are actually several different varieties available. Here we go through each type of Alaska Salmon… Read more »

Petersburg 2018 Fishing Season Overview

The Petersburg 2018 Fishing Season at Green Rocks Lodge is now over but the memories are still as fresh as if it was just yesterday.   Our guests had some amazing adventures and the fishing was good as always.  We also had a handful of hunters who showed up in the late spring that had success… Read more »

Things To Do In Alaska

Alaska is a magical place where memories are made.  Whether it is the amazing scenery, the inviting people, the wildlife or the fishing there is something in Alaska for everyone. If your an outdoors person then fishing has got to be on the top of your list for things to do in Alaska.  Alaska has… Read more »

Record Halibut and Rock Fish Caught At Green Rocks Lodge

2018 has become a year of records at Green Rocks Lodge in Petersburg Alaska. The waters surrounding Green Rocks Lodge have always produced trophy halibut and big rock fish but this year has been exceptional. During their trip in early July Ron & Buck were looking forward to a fun get-a-way in SE Alaska never… Read more »

Alaska Fishing Halibut Lodge

A number of factors come into play when considering which Alaska Fishing Halibut Lodges you might want spend time at.  Obvious things such as price and accessibility come to mind but other not so obvious factors could make the difference between a good trip and a great trip. Alaska Fishing Lodges are as different as… Read more »

May 2017 – Hunting And Fishing Report

The 2017 Hunting & Fishing Season at Green Rocks Lodge In Petersburg Alaska is underway.  Our guests are enjoying success in both Black Bear Hunting and picking up some nice early Halibut.   Take a look at our video and see for yourself: As we are getting into the last few weeks of May the… Read more »

Early Spring 2017 In Petersburg Alaska

Things this time of year in Petersburg are just starting to get busy for the upcoming fishing seasons.   The sleepy town of Petersburg is starting to awaken and pretty soon the area will be teaming with recreational and commercial sports fisherman alike. The waters around Petersburg are some of the most abundant fishing grounds anywhere… Read more »