What Does “Self-Guided Fishing” Mean At Green Rocks Lodge?

Green Rocks Lodge in Petersburg, AK offers premiere self-guided fishing trips (and hunting as well). “What is self-guided fishing and why should I go that route?” is the most common question I hear from guests at outdoor shows. This blog will spell out the basics to answer the first question. A future blog will cover the “Why go self-guided?” question.

Getting there …..

Self-guided fishing in southeast Alaska is special. You fly into Petersburg in a modern commercial jet (Alaska Airlines). The plane lands on a paved runway just outside of town. The lodge staff will pick you up at the airport and take you on a pretty drive down the Mitkof highway to Papke Landing. Next you’ll jump into lodge boats to cruise across the Wrangell Narrows. The lodge is only a five minute boat ride away. Once there, your group will then be appointed its own fully furnished personal cabin. Each cabin has it’s own separate bathroom/shower and propane heater. Trained kitchen staff will prepare a hot breakfast and dinner every day. Meals are served in the main dining cabin. Guests make their own sandwiches (supplied by the lodge) for lunch to take with them for their day on the water.

The Boats & Gear Provided…..

You’ve come there to catch fish. The lodge will appoint you to your own boat. The standard boat is an 18 foot open skiff with a 50 hp outboard (steering wheel/side console). You may want to consider an upgrade to a larger covered boat given the rain that often occurs when fishing southeast Alaska. The lodge provides you with all fishing gear and bait needed to catch some fish. The lodge will provide you with maps that show the navigational layout of the area. The maps show recommended areas for the salmon and halibut.

The Staff are there to help you…….

Lodge staff will keep your boat fueled up (no extra cost for all the fuel used) and supply you with bait. The staff helps point to where some of the best action has been going on leading up to your arrival. They will share what they know with you as you prepare to motor out to the fishing grounds. The boating staff will clean/fillet your catch in a professional manner upon your return to the lodge. Your catch will be vacuum sealed in high quality bags and loaded into the freezer.

The Fishing…..

Salmon can caught within five minutes of the lodge. Halibut fishing is more in the 30-45 minute range, perhaps an hour if you want to hit the more open water. The waters/boats are safe in the general fishing areas. You must always respect the conditions present and the changing weather that can occur. There are tasty Dungeness crabs and big Alaskan shrimp that make these waters home. The lodge can get you outfitted to try for a big catch including the traps, bait, and recommended places to set. All of this included with your lodge stay.

Heading Home…..

Your fish packages will be placed in airline approved durable/strong insulated boxes to help get your catch home in good order. Guests will then be taken back to the airport. Lodge staff will make sure you are on your way home in proper fashion. You’ll be tired from all the fun you’ve had. You’ll be happy to get home with fun memories to share with family and friends. Likely a few fish fillets as well.