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What to Wear for Your Alaska Fishing Trip

As you’re preparing for your Alaska fishing trip, one of the first things on your mind will be what you need to wear. The weather during the Alaska fishing season can vary. Not only that, but you’ll need clothes that are comfortable and durable for a day out on the waters. Here are some things… Read more »

How to Find the Best Fishing Spot

Whether you’re fishing in Alaska or in the creek just down the road, finding the best fishing spot is crucial to hauling in the best catch. However, finding that fishing spot can be easier said than done. If you’ve never been to a specific location before, you likely won’t know where the best place is… Read more »

Boat Fishing vs. Shore Fishing

When you head up to Alaska for your next fishing trip, you’ll have plenty of fish to catch. You can catch these fish using a multitude of methods and ways. Many anglers go shore fishing, but just as many will hop onto a boat and sail out into the Alaskan waters. Boat fishing and shore… Read more »

How to Fish Sustainably in Alaska

Alaska is home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife. Nevertheless, our biodiversity can only be sustained if we support and protect the natural world. That means using sustainable fishing practices and methods when we go out on our Alaska fishing trips. By doing so, we can protect our local fish population, which in… Read more »

How to Store Freshly Caught Fish

Part of the joys of fishing is being able to bring home what you caught. Whether it’s Alaskan salmon or halibut, you need to store your fish properly if you want it to last. Here are some tips you can use in order to keep your recently caught fish fresh for as long as possible…. Read more »

Alaska Fishing Safety Tips

When you’re heading out for your Alaska fishing trip, there is a lot to prepare for. You need to find the right location, get the right rods and lures, and find a place to rest after a long day of fishing. But throughout all of your planning, it’s important not to forget about your safety…. Read more »

How to Choose the Right Fishing Rod

A good angler needs the right tools for the job, and your fishing rod is easily one of the most important tools you’ll use. However, finding the perfect fishing rod can be easier said than done. With so many factors to consider, the processing of choosing a fishing rod can get confusing. Here we break… Read more »

Salmon vs. Halibut: Which Should You Fish?

If you’re heading up to Alaska for your annual fishing trip, you will have one of two species to fish: salmon and halibut. While both species offer a challenging and rewarding experience, some people prefer fishing one over the other. It will all depend on what your goals are for your Alaska fishing trip. You’re… Read more »

How to Plan an Alaska Fishing Trip

Alaska’s waters are teeming with fish just waiting to be caught. It’s why so many people flock to our shores each year for their once-a-year fishing trip. However, planning your Alaska fishing trip can be easier said than done. Not only do you need to decide when to go, but also where and what to… Read more »