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Eating Good Back Home With Your Alaskan Catch

Upon returning home from your Green Rocks Lodge stay you are bound to be blessed with some fish fillets from your catch. The lodge staff will have professionally cleaned the fish. The fillets will be packaged in high strength, commercial quality vacuum sealed plastic. The lodge will provide and pack your fish in airline approved… Read more »

Halibut Bait & Chumming Tips For Green Rocks Lodge Guests

Introduction Many guests come to Green Rocks Lodge in southeast Alaska specifically to target the beautiful Pacific Halibut. These fish thrive in the local waters. Basically a bait-driven manner is used to get the fish to bite. Weighted rigs or jigs are baited up and sent down near the bottom in 30 to +100 foot… Read more »

Navigating the “Hazards” at Green Rocks Lodge In Southeast Alaska

Lots of people venture to Green Rocks Lodge near Petersburg, AK for some fishing/hunting fun in the Last Frontier. The lodge offers guests boats for their use in plying the waters in search of fish and game. The surrounding waters are not without potential hazards/concerns. These could cause damage to the boats and possible injury… Read more »

What Does “Self-Guided Fishing” Mean At Green Rocks Lodge?

Green Rocks Lodge in Petersburg, AK offers premiere self-guided fishing trips (and hunting as well). “What is self-guided fishing and why should I go that route?” is the most common question I hear from guests at outdoor shows. This blog will spell out the basics to answer the first question. A future blog will cover… Read more »

Alaska Fishing Halibut Lodge

A number of factors come into play when considering which Alaska Fishing Halibut Lodges you might want spend time at.  Obvious things such as price and accessibility come to mind but other not so obvious factors could make the difference between a good trip and a great trip. Alaska Fishing Lodges are as different as… Read more »