What Can I Expect On A Self-Guided Fishing Trip To Alaska?

a photo taken of one of the bodies of water near our lodge

Whether you’re thinking of booking a self-guided trip or are part of a group going on one, you may wonder: what can I expect?

Self-guided tours are different because they are just that: self-guided. Now, don’t panic! This doesn’t mean we just throw you into the wild or that you need to travel with all the bait and reels you need.

Our per-person rate includes a 7-day trip that starts Saturday morning and ends Friday morning, and provides an immense amount of amenities. Below are three things to expect on your self-guided fishing trip to Alaska!

Different Climate

While Alaska is known for being cold, that doesn’t mean it snows year-round! Our fishing season is typically from May to September- meaning temperatures can range from 45° at the beginning of the fishing season to around 75° as the season goes on! 

Of course, there are some outliers. The best thing to do is look at the projected weather and bring an outfit or two to account for rain, some shirts you can layer, and something to wear if it’s warm out!

Ample Supplies

Rocks Lodge provides our guests with both salmon and halibut poles, reels, fish finders, gear, and bait. Of course, we also provide you with an 18ft boat. However, you can upgrade to a 20ft covered boat if desired.

We also provide a crab pot for catching Dungeness Crabs! 

Our cabins are stocked with bedding, tables, chairs, heat, and they have private bathrooms!


Since we provide so many supplies and amenities, all that is left to do is get out there!

The number one thing to expect on your self-guided fishing tour is freedom. After we pick you up from the airport and take you to the lodge, the rest of the time is yours.

We hand you a map with information about our fishing grounds, hand you the keys to the boat, and wish you luck! You bait your own hook, and come and go as you please. We serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner- but you can always take your lunch in a to-go bag on the boat.

Fish whenever you want, for however long you want! When you’re done, we will filet, vacuum seal, and store your fish in the freezer to ensure it stays fresh for you to take home.

You only need to worry about your transportation to Alaska, your Alaskan hunting and fishing license and stamps, toiletries, and any personal items and alcohol.

With all our amenities and competitive rates, it is easy to see why many choose to stay with us at Green Rocks Lodge. To ask any questions or to begin booking, visit us online or call us at  435-817-1595!