How to Fish Sustainably in Alaska

How to Fish Sustainably in Alaska

Alaska is home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife. Nevertheless, our biodiversity can only be sustained if we support and protect the natural world. That means using sustainable fishing practices and methods when we go out on our Alaska fishing trips. By doing so, we can protect our local fish population, which in turn protects the delicate balance of our ecosystem that we rely on so much.

Below we detail some sustainable fishing methods you can practice when you come up here for your Alaska fishing trip:

Catch and release

Perhaps the most widely known method for sustainable fishing, catch and release is a great way to enjoy fishing without depleting current fish populations. Chances are that you will catch more fish than you need, so catch and release allows you to return fish back to their habitat without harming them. Additionally, many areas in Alaska including Southeast Alaska have limits on how many fish you can catch. If you’re unsure how to practice the catch and release method, you can read over our guide here.

Understand fishing laws and regulations

As stated previously, many areas in Alaska have rules and regulations dictating how many fish you can catch, as well as where you can catch them. These fishing regulations are meant to protect our fish populations and prevent overfishing. Before you head out on your fishing trip, then, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local regulations.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Overfishing is not the only thing that we anglers have to protect against. Fishing also relies on many resources that further pollute our air and waterways. This includes the gas to fuel our boats, the water bottles we use to stay hydrated, and the tackle we use to catch fish. Yet, there are ways to reduce your carbon footprint. These include the following:

  • Limit how much gas you use for your boat or opt for non-motorized boats such as a kayak
  • Use reusable water bottles and food containers
  • Reuse and recycle fishing gear, including fishing tackle and lines

At Green Rocks Lodge, we seek to protect Alaska’s fish and waterways. For more advice on sustainable fishing in Alaska, contact us today.