The Different Types of Alaska Salmon

The Different Types of Alaska Salmon

No place in the country has salmon fishing quite like Alaska. With pristine waters and plenty of coastlines, it’s the perfect place for anglers to try their luck with salmon fishing. So prolific are salmon around these parts that there are actually several different varieties available.

Here we go through each type of Alaska Salmon and what you need to know about each:

Chinook Salmon

Also known as King Salmon, the Chinook Salmon is the biggest Alaska Salmon you can find in our waters. Strong and bulky, they weigh an average of 20-30 pounds but can be found up to 50. They feature black mouths and gums, as well as large spots along their upper back. You can typically find them anytime from June to late July.

Coho Salmon

They may not be as large as the Chinook, but Coho Salmon, or Silver Salmon, are the toughest fighters of the five Alaskan Salmons. They’re fast, strong, and acrobatic, making them a real challenge for even expert anglers. They have silver streaks along their body with black mouths and white gums. You can find Coho Salmon from July through September.

Chum Salmon

During their spawning phase, Chum Salmon boast brilliant tiger stripes along their body. They also have white mouths and gums, as well as silver streaks along their fins. They typically weigh 10 to 15 pounds and can be found along the coast from late June to late August.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon are the smallest type of Alaska Salmon that you will find, usually weighing about 5 pounds on average. However, just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re no fun to catch. Just make sure you go after them in even-numbered years. This is because their life cycle lasts two years, so they’ll be missing one year while show up in abundance the next.

Sockeye Salmon

Finally, there’s the Sockeye Salmon. These are the most common type of Alaska Salmon, showing up by the millions along our shores. Many catch these fish using the fly fishing technique or by flossing. To get the most out of Sockeye Salmon, plan to catch them from mid-June to late July.

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