Salmon vs. Halibut: Which Should You Fish?

Salmon vs. Halibut: Which Should You Fish?

If you’re heading up to Alaska for your annual fishing trip, you will have one of two species to fish: salmon and halibut. While both species offer a challenging and rewarding experience, some people prefer fishing one over the other. It will all depend on what your goals are for your Alaska fishing trip.

You’re looking for a good meal

Answer: Halibut

While certain types of salmon offer good meat, your best bet for a great meal is with halibut. Alaska halibuts are not only large but tasty as well. As such, they offer a mouthwatering meal that can feed your family and more.

You’re a beginner

Answer: Pink Salmon

Among the different types of salmon, pink salmon is the easiest to catch. That’s because they’re small, only weighing about 5 pounds. Be careful when choosing the date for your fishing trip, though, as pink salmons only appear on even-numbered years.

You want a challenge

Answer: Halibut

Halibuts are large and ferocious, and for expert anglers, they provide the perfect challenge. Most halibuts are 20 to 50 pounds, but you can find some up to 200. If you’re hesitant about going up against a halibut, then try your hand with Coho or Chinook salmons.

You want to practice your fly fishing

Answer: Sockeye Salmon

There’s more than one way to catch a fish, and that’s certainly true with sockeye salmon. These types of fish can be caught using the fly-fishing technique or by flossing. Plus, with so many in the water, you’re bound to bring home plenty for dinner.

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