Key Strategies To Catching Halibut While Going Self-Guided Fishing At Green Rocks Lodge in Southeast Alaska

Many anglers venture to Green Rocks Lodge in southeast Alaska near Petersburg in search of halibut. Fishing self-guided means that you get to select the time, location, and duration that you choose to fish. I’ve visited and fished for halibut at Green Rocks Lodge for the past 10 years and have been successful in catching… Read more »

How to Fish Sustainably in Alaska

Alaska is home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife. Nevertheless, our biodiversity can only be sustained if we support and protect the natural world. That means using sustainable fishing practices and methods when we go out on our Alaska fishing trips. By doing so, we can protect our local fish population, which in… Read more »

The Best Fishing Lures for Alaska Salmon

When you head off on your Alaska salmon fishing trip, you need to make sure you have the right tools at your disposal. Your fishing rod will be your first concern, but your next concern should be your lures. Not all lures are created equal, and salmon will only be receptive to particular kinds. Read… Read more »

How to Catch and Release Alaska Salmon

If you’re heading out to catch some Alaska Salmon, you may not want to keep all of the salmon you reel in. You also may not be allowed to. Southeast Alaska fishing regulations dictate where you can catch salmon and how many you can take home. These regulations are put in place for a purpose—to… Read more »