Record Halibut and Rock Fish Caught At Green Rocks Lodge

2018 has become a year of records at Green Rocks Lodge in Petersburg Alaska. The waters surrounding Green Rocks Lodge have always produced trophy halibut and big rock fish but this year has been exceptional.

During their trip in early July Ron & Buck were looking forward to a fun get-a-way in SE Alaska never realizing that their adventure would include catching the largest halibut ever recorded at Green Rocks Lodge. Mid way through their trip they hooked and landed this 254 pound monster pacific halibut.

Halibut over 100 pounds at Green Rocks Lodge always draw special attention but getting one over 200 pounds is a reason to celebrate. Typically known as “Barn Doors”, halibut of this size put up a considerable fight and many times they become a party fish where everyone takes turn reeling them in because they are so tiring to fight.

If you are wondering, a halibut weighing 250 pounds will yield about 125 pounds of boneless skinless fillets. As of the writing of this article fresh Alaskan Halibut Fillets are selling for about $26 per pound. Multiply this 125 pounds by $26 and you come up with a pretty big number! I’m sure that Ron & Buck have some pretty happy neighbors and family members right now.

Not to be out-done. and in the same week, fisherwoman Joy brought in a 5.2 pound Dusky Rockfish. Dwarfed in comparison to the giant halibut you may not understand the significance of Joys catch. You see the Worlds Record Dusky is only 6.3 pounds ….. Joys fish was very close to being the Worlds Record Dusky.

Dusky Rockfish are common in the waters off Petersburg, and most range in the 2-3 pound range. The area also supports a variety of other rock fish such as Black Cod, Yellow Eye, Quill Back .. just to name a few. They can aptly be caught in and around rock structures in the Petersburg area.

Fishing the waters of this part of SE Alaska is a treat. Being located in the eastern part of the Alaskan Inland Passage the waters tend to be calm and shallow compared to other part of Alaska. Where most fishing is done in hundreds of feet of water the guests at Green Rocks Lodge are generally fishing in less than 100 feet of water and in many cases less than 50 feet of water. If you are from the lower 48 then imagine fishing for halibut or rock fish in your favorite trout lake back home, it’s the same experience.

With the 2018 season only half over who knows whats in store for the rest of the summer. Silver Salmon season is coming up next and the guests of Green Rocks Lodge are still catching their fair share of King Salmon. If luck has it we will be adding to this post with another couple record .Salmon and the happy fishermen and women that caught them.