May 2017 – Hunting And Fishing Report

The 2017 Hunting & Fishing Season at Green Rocks Lodge In Petersburg Alaska is underway.  Our guests are enjoying success in both Black Bear Hunting and picking up some nice early Halibut.   Take a look at our video and see for yourself:

As we are getting into the last few weeks of May the King Salmon fishing around Green Rocks Lodge and Petersburg Alaska in general will start picking up.  This is the time of year that the bigger Kings come in to spawn in the different rivers and streams.  The fish are big and bright and not only give you a good fight but are also wonderful table fare.

The Halibut fishing will continue to improve as spring turns into summer with some of the biggest Halibut caught during this time of year.  Catching 100lb+ barn doors are a regular occurrence in these waters.  The nice thing about fishing around Petersburg is the depth at which you fish for Halibut.  Instead of fishing hundreds of feet, like many areas in Alaska,  you are fishing much shallower waters.

Although Spring Bear Season will soon be closing hunters can hunt Bears again in the fall.   Make sure you have the right tags and licenses for the ares you want to hunt.  Spotting bears on the shoreline is the most productive type of hunting in this part of Alaska.  Hunters will see a bear and then motor up to the bank.  They will then stalk the bear on foot until they get close enough for a good shot.  The bears are spooky of the boats so don’t beach your boat to close otherwise that will be the last you will see of them.

Crabbing and shrimping is also starting to pick up and visitors will enjoy these delicacies in the weeks ahead as well.

If you are not planning to come to Green Rocks Lodge this summer please contact to reserve your space for next year.

Have a great summer! … We sure will