Petersburg Fishing Report and Forecast July 2017

As the summer weather continues to warm up so does the fishing forecast.   Both salmon and halibut fishing will continue to get better and better as we get into August and then into September.

As of the writing of this Petersburg Fishing Report the King season was not as good as some other years the Silver Salmon runs are expected to be strong. The salmon catch has begun to increase and should reach its peak later in August. The Silver Salmon will then be in our waters until sometime in October and maybe into early November.

The halibut have now moved into our waters and fishing is expected to be good well into September. We are catching a lot of nice fish and some in the 100lb – 200lb range.

Since the waters in and around Petersburg are protected and shallow it makes an excellent place to fish for halibut. It is more like fishing fresh water than it is fishing saltwater as most days it is more like a lake than an ocean.

Rockfishing has also been good. We are picking up some very nice Yellow Eye along with the various other species of local rockfish. Most fishermen are jigging around structure and are doing very well.

Of course this time of year you will also find sea run fish in the river systems. Salmon and Dolly Varden are the most prominent species and can be found in the same waters. With each cast you have the chance of catching a 2-3lb Dolly or a 10-30lb salmon.

Crabbing and Shrimping continue to be good. The big spot prawns are some of the most delicious prawns you will ever eat.   The dungenous crabs are considered a delicacy and are abundant this time of year.

With only a few months of warmer weather left for it is time to hit the water and start filling your freezer with our abundant Alaskan seafood.  This Petersburg Fishing Report is provided by Green Rocks Lodge,  Petersburgs most popular destination Fishing Lodge.