Tim & Jason Are Back On The Show Circuit

It is January 29th,  it must be Seattle.  Tim and Jason are back on the road hitting all the major Sportsman Shows throughout the Western United States.  Denver, Sacramento, Portland, Long Beach, etc.  The schedule is gruelling but the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones makes their effort worthwhile.

The Green Rocks Lodge booth always draws a crowd.  With all the pictures and stories of hunting and fishing trips from years past.  It fun to sit there and just listen to all the tales of the barn door halibut, stalking bears, netting the trophy salmon and the numerous stories of staying at the lodge.   Every past guest has their own unique memories of their time at Green Rocks Lodge with Tim and Jason.

It’s funny how first timers call their excursion to Green Rocks their once in a lifetime adventure,  and then find ways to come up again year after year.  In a good way it becomes an addiction for many avid sportsman.  Green Rocks Lodge is a magical place where the ocean waters of the pacific meet the majestic mountains of southeast Alaska.  The waters are protected and you will feel like you are fishing in a freshwater lake verses a salt water estuary.  Here, we fish for halibut in as little as 40 ft of water compared to 200 ft or more in the open ocean.  In the same waters we catch Halibut, Salmon, Rock Fish, Crab & Shrimp.  In fact you can catch all of these in the same day and still have time to go and hunt for Sitka Deer, Black Bear or Wolves.

Tim Harper calls his lodge a working mans lodge.   It is priced affordably which makes it enticing to come back year after year.  It is also a perfect family retreat that wont break the bank.  Most times a family of 4 will return home with over 200 lbs of fish fillets … compare that to a trip to Disneyland where you come home with 4 sets of mouse ears and a Dumbo keychain.

Check our website for a listing of the Sportsman shows we will be attending.  We would love to see you and get acquainted …..