What Makes Green Rocks Lodge So Special

Whether it is your first time to venture up to Alaska or you are a seasoned Alaskan traveler, you will acquire a special place in your heart for Green Rocks Lodge.  Our lodge is where the best of the Alaska outdoors all comes together in one place.  You want fish the salt water for Halibut?  No problem,  we have some of the most fertile Halibut fishing grounds in the world.  You want to fish for King Salmon in secluded waters?  Just jump in your boat and you are trolling for the mighty Tyee King Salmon virtually by yourself.  Is hunting your passion?  Our corner of SE Alaska has some of the best Bear, Wolf and Deer hunting in all Alaska!

But here is the most remarkable part:  Do you want to fish for Halibut, troll for King Salmon and go hunting all in the same day?  You can do that too and still not miss the exquisite dinner back at the lodge.

Your hosts, Tim and Jason Harper, are the most accommodating lodge owners in all of Alaska.  They have set up Green Rocks Lodge to be affordable yet all inclusive.  They provide you with a quiet clean cabin to sleep in,  3 hearty meals a day, boats and equipment, and bait and tackle can all be found at the lodge.  They even have helpful deck hands that will take care of your catch when you park your boat.  As they are cleaning and packaging your fish, shrimp and crabs you can go get cleaned up and may even enjoy a beverage or two from our big deck before dinner.

After dinner you can take the boats out again to catch more fish or just take a scenic cruise around the area.  If you wish to hang out at the lodge in the evening we have plenty of amenities and activities to keep you  busy there too.

So look no further …. you have found your home in Alaska!  Call us today to book your 2017 adventure.